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Welcome to H&A Transmissions! We are the leading provider of quality remanufactured transmissions for the Honda and Acura Automobiles. We are a wholesale company supplying transmissions nationwide to dealerships, extended warranty companies, independent transmission and automotive repair specialists.


Our idea is simple: Quality. We check, inspect, and recheck every unit before it is shipped, so that you receive the highest quality remanufactured transmission available on the market today.


Our people are highly motivated and well-trained, with countless years of experience in the transmission industry. Unlike other companies, our transmissions are not produced on a production line. Each and every unit is built by a single builder. We were the first transmission specialists to employ vibratory cleaning techniques.


H&A Transmissions has increased sales 500% since 1999, with experience and quality, not quantity, being the emphasis.

H&A Transmissions, Inc., would like to make it known that, contrary to publicized statements, there are no affiliations between Gearspeed and Synchrotech Transmissions. The company officers, management and staff are separate and distinct; there is no common relationship.


H&A Transmissions, Inc., is the parent company of two subsidiary companies, Gearspeed and Gearspeed Parts Store. Gearspeed was founded in 2003 and originally focused on providing customized high performance manual transmissions and transmission parts to the automotive aftermarket and racing industries.


H&A Transmissions, Inc. is providing this statement in order to clarify its affiliations.

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Welcome to H&A Transmissions, Inc.